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Join Pak Army As Medical Doctor 2024 – Online Apply

Online registration for the position of Pak Army Medical Officer as a Medical Doctor will be open. Apply for the Pakistan Army Doctor via the Pakistan Temporary Commission (PTC) or Short Service Regular Commission (SSRC). The new advertisement for the Pakistan Army can be viewed at All applicants who have completed the MBBS, FCPS, BDS, or Double FCPS are qualified to apply for the position of Captain/Major Doctor.

All individuals who are motivated to serve their country by joining the defense force are required to submit an application to the Pakistan Army Medical Branch. Applicants who have earned their MBBS degree are qualified to submit an application for the PAK Army entry test.

The thirteenth day of online registration for Pak Army Medical Doctor in Captain and Major positions begins today. Act quickly to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. All Pak Army online examinations will be administered in accordance with the standards of the Short Service Commission; therefore, you must possess fundamental problem-solving skills. The registration procedure commenced. Apply online for Pakistan Army vacancies as a Major or Captain via Short Commission, keeping in mind the application deadline.

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Details to Join Pak Army As Medical Doctor

Benefits of Pak Army As Medical Doctor

  • Dedication to the Nation: Engaging in medical practice within the Pakistan Army affords individuals the opportunity to contribute to the nation’s welfare by delivering healthcare services to personnel, their families, and frequently civilians in agglomerations afflicted by natural calamities or remote regions.
  • The domain of training and development: Specialized training, including military medical procedures, trauma care, and emergency medicine, is required to enlist in the military as a physician. This presents a chance to cultivate abilities that may not be frequently obtained in professional settings.
  • Diverse Places of Employment: By serving in hospitals, field clinics, and on-the-ground deployments across diverse terrains, military physicians can acquire invaluable experience in an extensive array of medical situations.
  • Professional Development: The Pakistan Army provides medical officers with a well-organized career advancement system that facilitates ongoing education, specialized knowledge, and the possibility of assuming leadership responsibilities within the medical corps.
  • Cutting-Edge Facilities: Military medical facilities and hospitals frequently possess cutting-edge medical technology, resources, and equipment that may be more difficult to obtain in civilian environments.
  • Compenses and Benefits: In general, military physicians are remunerated with comprehensive benefits and competitive compensation, which encompass housing, healthcare, retirement plans, and a variety of allowances.
  • Solidarity and Companionship: A supportive and unified work environment is produced when medical personnel and other branches of the armed forces cultivate a sense of camaraderie and cooperation through military service.
  • Possibilities for Ongoing Education: The Pakistan Army places significant importance on ongoing professional development, providing avenues for advanced studies, postgraduate research, and professional certifications to augment medical expertise and knowledge.
  • World-Wide Experience: By participating in international collaborations or deployments, military physicians may be exposed to diverse healthcare systems and cultural practices, thereby enhancing their professional and personal development.
  • Employment Security: A high level of job stability and security is provided by the military, ensuring that medical professionals have a stable and consistent career path.

Eligibility Criteria to Join Pak Army As Medical Doctor

There are different PAF selection criteria for trade posts; now we will enlighten the categories in detail:

Eligibility Criteria for Pak Army Medical Branch Jobs

How to Join Pak Army As Medical Doctor

To register, applicants may do so via the Army Selection and Recruitment Centers (AS&RCs) or by utilizing the Internet. The subsequent protocol shall be implemented:

PAK Army Online Registration Medical Jobs

Candidate registration is available at The time and date of the examination shall be communicated electronically, necessitating the possession of an email account by the participant. On the precise date and time specified, candidates are required to appear for the preliminary examination using a computerized register with no slips.

Once provided, the date will not be altered. Additionally, candidates will pay in person on the day of the examination for the documents listed in paragraph 6 and the prospectus fee. It is mandatory for candidates to possess a functional understanding of computers, as both the registration process and assessments will be carried out electronically.

More Info

Pak Army Registration Process Through AS&RCs:

Candidates may visit the AS&RCs in their vicinity to register or receive their roll numbers. They should bring the prospectus fee and the documents specified in paragraph 6 in order to complete the registration formalities. Additionally, candidates must present these documents on the day of the examination.

The AS&RCs will administer the professional written test/personality and intelligence assessments, which consist of multiple-choice questions. The GHQ Selection Board will invite applicants who meet the AS&RCs’ requirements to an interview in Karachi, Lahore, or Rawalpindi. Suggested candidates will undergo medical examinations at adjacent CMHs. GHQ will render the final determination regarding candidates, considering their comprehensive performance.

Documents Required to Join Pak Army As Medical Doctor

Documents listed below are required for registration at the Selection Center:

  • Photocopies attested to domicile
  • Photocopies attested by CNIC
  • The NOC is mandatory. If you are currently working for the government
  • Original degrees, diplomas, and certificates of education (two sets of photocopies)
  • Six passport-sized photographs with an attested front and back
  • A crossed postal order was made payable to the Director General Personnel Administration (DGPA), GHQ Rawalpindi, for Rs 100.00.
  • Your degrees require HEC/PEC verification.
  1. What rank is a doctor in the Army?

    If you enter as a licensed physician, your rank will typically begin at captain or major (Army/Air Force) or lieutenant or lieutenant commander (Navy), but it may be higher depending on where you are in your civilian career.

  2. What is the highest post in the Army for a doctor? 

    Army doctors typically begin their career as captains and can be promoted to the ranks of Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier, Major General, and finally, Lieutenant General, based on their performance and years of service.

  3. What is an army doctor called in Pakistan? 

    The Army Medical Corps of Pakistan’s doctors run these hospitals. The administration is carried out by the General Duty Medical Officers (GDMOs), while the patients’ management and care are primarily the responsibility of the doctors of the specialist cadre.

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