Military College Jhelum Admissions 2024 – 8th to 1st Year

Admission to Military College Jhelum has begun accepting online applications for the eighth and eleventh grades. Online registration forms must be submitted with a single fee; thereafter, the fees will be doubled until the conclusion of the registration period.

Details of Military College Jhelum Admissions

Double-fee applicants are required to submit their applications online by October 20, 2024, while standard-fee applicants have until September 30, 2024, to apply. The date of the entrance examination is October 29, 2024.

As of April 1, 2024, the minimum age is 12 years and 14 years old, inclusive of the grace period. Applicants must be in or have completed the seventh grade.

8th Class MCJ Admission Deadline30 September 2024 (with normal fee)
8th Class MCJ Admission Deadline20 October 2024 (with a double fee)
Eight-Class Entrance Exam29 October 2024
1st Year MCJ Admission Deadline31 March 2024 (with the normal fee)
11th Class MCJ Admission Deadline10 April 2024 (with a late fee)

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Benefits of Military College Jhelum

  • Development of Leadership: Military colleges are renowned for emphasizing the development of leadership skills. Pupils are frequently afforded the chance to cultivate and hone their leadership abilities in a variety of settings, which can prove advantageous in vocations that are both military and civilian.
  • Responsibility and Discipline: Military universities’ regimented atmosphere fosters self-control and a strong feeling of responsibility. These attributes have advantages in every area of life.
  • Physical well-being: Being physically healthy is essential to life in a military college. Pupils receive intense physical instruction that encourages fitness and healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Character Formation: Character development is emphasized in military colleges, with a focus on virtues like honor, integrity, and selflessness.
  • Highest Academic Standing: Students at military colleges frequently obtain a strong education in a variety of topics, and many of these institutions offer demanding academic programs. This can help people become successful in a range of professions.
  • Interaction: Military college graduates frequently become part of an alumni network that can offer them chances and crucial connections for their future jobs.
  • monetary assistance Scholarships and stipends are among the financial aid programs offered by several military universities to assist students in meeting their living and tuition costs.
  • Career Possibilities: Graduates from military universities can choose to enter the military, where they will have access to a variety of advantages like retirement plans, healthcare, and job stability along with training.
  • Service and Patriotism: A military college education cultivates a sense of patriotism and a dedication to serving one’s nation. A strong sense of purpose and fulfillment may result from this.
  • Various Experiences Students from a variety of backgrounds are drawn to military colleges, which creates an environment where people with different experiences and cultures come together to stimulate personal development and an appreciation for diversity.
  • Worldwide Viewpoint: Many military colleges give students the chance to travel and experience other countries, which widens their horizons and improves their understanding of the world.
  • Morality and Adaptability: The tough aspects of military college life can help students develop resilience and strong character, better equipping them to handle hardship in the future.

Eligibility for Military College Jhelum Admissions

  • The seventh- or eighth-grade student body A candidate must, nevertheless, have completed and passed seventh grade to be considered for admission.
  • You must be 12 to 14 years old at the time of application on April 1 of the given year. A 90-day waiver option is available.
    Candidates must meet the absolute requirement of being medically healthy.
  • Male applicants are required.

Ineligibility for Military College Jhelum Admissions

  • Departure from cadet colleges affiliated with the military or provincial government on account of a character discrepancy
  • Underage or overage.
  • determined to be medically unsuitable by the Medical Board.
  • Documents or certificates bearing tampered signatures
  • The act of withholding data from the application form
  • Female candidates are ineligible to register.

MCJ Registration Fee for 8th Grade

Wards of Army Officers (Serving or Retired)Rs. 2100/-
Wards of JCOs and soldiers (serving or retired)Rs. 1600/-
Wards of Civilians and Other Armed ForcesRs. 2600/-

Since the previous date, online registration has been available on the official website. After submitting their online applications, candidates are required to provide Habib Bank Limited with a fee challan form and a fee registration form. A limited number of students will receive two years of training at the Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan Army, and Pakistan Navy Cadet Colleges. The program will last for five years.

Eligibility Criteria for 8th Grade

Applicants must be between the ages of 12 and 14 as of April 1, 2024. You have a legal 90-day reprieve. Seventh-grade graduates are eligible to register online for admission to the eighth grade.

Wards of Army Officers JCOs, and Soldiers

Officers, JCOs, and soldiers who are pursuing admission for their sons are required to have a minimum of ten years of service in the Pakistan Army. However, regardless of the length of their service, officers, JCOs, and soldiers who have been invalidated from military service for reasons related to military service may petition for their sons’ admission.

The admission procedures applicable to children of personnel serving or retiring in permanently activated MJd Bns are identical to those governing children of Army members (including officers, JCOs, and soldiers).

Children of noncombatants are granted access to MCJ under restricted circumstances.

Wards of Defense Personnel (PAF, PN, MES, and other paid-out of Def Estimates)

  • The individuals listed below shall be regarded as civilians.

Military College Jhelum 8th Class Admission

The college primarily admits students in the eighth grade. Sons of military personnel are allotted the majority of seats by their assigned mandates. A limited number of seats are accessible to the offspring of other categories of civilians and defense personnel. Each entrance is furnished with 116 seats.

Written Test/Selection Process

A written examination in Urdu, English, mathematics, general science, and Islam is scheduled for Sunday, October 29, 2024. Non-Muslims may opt to take Pakistani studies instead of Islam. It will consist of students in the fifth, sixth, and seventh sections of the Punjab Textbook Board. Inviting individuals who complete the entry test for intelligence tests and interviews

The merit-based selection process will conclude following all assessments and interviews. Interested and qualified candidates may apply or obtain details regarding admissions examinations and interviews. Military institutions will deny admission to candidates whose applications are incomplete and fail to remit the requisite fees.

Final Selection

The candidate’s performance in the written examination, interview, cognitive assessment, and medical fitness examination determines their final selection. Passing the examination is insufficient to ensure one’s eligibility for admission.

The results are not disclosed. There will be no disclosure of answers, grades, merits, or positions earned to parents or guardians. Regarding this, we will not accept any correspondence.

Copies of the following attested documents—CORO, Unit Part II Orders (for Army Officers, JCOs, NCOs, and Soldiers), and Form B—are required with the application.

Military College Jhelum admission 1st year

For the academic session 2024, Military College Jhelum is currently accepting applications for the 11th-grade pre-engineering program, ICS, and the first year. Admission applications are currently being accepted and prospectuses are available at Military College Jhelum.

11th Class Entrance Exam Tentative Date

An extension of the early registration deadline for Lateral Entry XI Class has been granted in light of the ongoing coronavirus situation that has gripped the nation. The Lateral Entry XI Class entrance examination is anticipated to take place on October 29, 2024. Until then, applicants may submit their applications at the standard fee.

Prospectuses and admission forms are available for Rs. 560 from the college for interested civilians and Army officers, and Rs. 280 from Army JCOs.

A demand draft DD bearing the name of Military College Jhelum may be couriered with admissions and prospectus forms. Additionally, admission forms are available for submission online; however, a Habib Bank of Pakistan DD pay order bearing the name of Military College Jhelum is required with each application. (code: 658).

Eligibility for First-Year

Additionally, Military College Jhelum considers applications from graduates of the intermediate and matriculation levels. On July 1, 2024, candidates must be 15 to 17 years of age.

Admission will be determined based on merit, and the final decision will be reached through an interview, written examination, and previous grade point average. The deadline for admissions applications is October 20, 2024. A written examination is scheduled for Sunday, October 29, 2024. Written examinations will be administered in the following subjects: English, mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

MCJ Contact Number and Address

Principal Phone Number0544650581
Induction Inquiry> 0544-650587
> 0544-650581 (ext. 2409)
> 0544-650582 (ext. 2409)
> 8043 33611
> 8043 33612
Account Branch> 8043 36011-17 (ext. 2236)
> 8043 36011-17 (ext. 2286)
Education Branch> 8043 36011-17 (ext. 2209)
> 8043 36011-17 (ext. 2255)
> 8043 36011-17 (ext. 2257)
General Inquiry> 0544-650581
> 0544-650582
> 8043 36011-17
Postal AddressMilitary College Jhelum, Main G.T. Road, Sarai, Alamgir, Pakistan

How to Apply for Military College Jhelum Admissions

Since August 2016, the college has utilized an online application submission system to streamline the admissions application process. Candidates must complete and submit online application forms. The subsequent protocol is adhered to when submitting applications through the Internet:

  • Preparation begins with enrollment on the college’s website. After the account is successfully created, a personal email address will be associated with the sent username and password. Because POP3 emails are returned, Gmail is preferable.
  • To access the website, please proceed with the login process using your username and password.
  • It is advisable to validate the information provided before submitting the online form.
  • A “Fee Challan Form” will be generated after the submission of the form. Submit the printed challan form to any HBL branch located in Pakistan.
  • Once payment has been received, the registration number slip will be issued to you, and the college will verify your fee. It is necessary to obtain and print. It is required to be carried to the examination site. Candidates will not receive registration slips via mail from the college.
  • You must provide precise details on the online application form. All entries will undergo a comprehensive evaluation and verification process. Candidates whose fraudulent information is discovered during any phase of their training will be subject to disciplinary action or withdrawal.
  • The announcement of online application deadlines for the 8th grade occurs in June or July via the website and in the press.

More Info

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How can I get admission to MCJ?

    Selection Procedure
    Written test (MCQs and Subjective) from Class V to Class VII (Punjab Textbook Board)
    Intelligence Test.
    Medical Examination at the Concerned Military Hospital Examination (CMH)

  2. Is Cadet College Jhelum private or government-run? 

    The Pakistan Armed Forces are responsible for registering the majority of privately run cadet colleges. Renowned Cadet Colleges in the private sector include Cadet College Fateh Jang, Kings Cadet College Gujrat, Cadet College Kallar Kahar, Cadet College Jhelum, and Cadet College Rawalpindi.

  3. What is the age to get admission to MCJ? 

    The candidate should be between 12 and 14 years of age on April 1 (including a 90-day grace period) in the year of admission. The candidate must be medically fit.

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