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Join Pak Army as Captain 2024 – Lady Cadet Course

Now available for online registration. The Pakistan Army has proclaimed that the Lady Cadet Course LCC is an excellent opportunity for women. This thrilling career opportunity with the Pakistan Army is open to female applicants from all over the country. Do not pass up the opportunity to enter the Pakistan Army as a lady captain.

Today, the advertisement for Pak Army Lady Captain Jobs was released, and online registrations will begin. Girls who are qualified and talented are encouraged to register for the Lady Cadet Course.

It is possible to apply to the Corps of Engineers, Corps of Signals, Signals Information Technology, Army Service Corps, Corps of Ordnance, EME, and Army Education Corps AEC, among others.

Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 28 to be eligible for the Lady Cadet Course LCC recruitment. Before applying, it is essential to thoroughly examine the eligibility requirements for each category.

Details of Join Pak Army as Captain

Hiring OrganizationPakistan Army
number of postsMultiple
Job LocationPakistan
NewspaperNation Jobs

Benefits of Pak Army Jobs as Captain

  • Distinguished Career: Captain in the Pakistan Army is a prestigious and highly regarded position in the country. This position carries with it respect and admiration.
  • Leadership Possibilities: You will have the opportunity to guide and command a group of soldiers as a Captain. This leadership experience is invaluable for personal development and growth.
  • Professional Development: The Pakistan Army places a significant emphasis on professional growth. You will receive ongoing education and training to improve your skills and knowledge.
  • Comparable Compensation and Benefits: The Pakistan Army provides its officers with competitive salaries and benefits, such as allowances, medical care, accommodation, and retirement benefits.
  • Job Protection: The Pakistan Army is similar to other militaries in that it offers secure employment. You can anticipate a stable career with regular performance-based promotions.
  • Difficult Assignments: There are a variety of challenging assignments and responsibilities associated with military service. These experiences can assist in the development of problem-solving and adaptability.
  • Cooperation and Companionship: Service in the military fosters a robust sense of camaraderie and cooperation. You will develop lifelong connections with your fellow soldiers through close collaboration.
  • Individual Discipline: The Pakistan Army instills a sense of personal discipline and responsibility, which can be valuable both within and outside of your military career.
  • Educational Possibilities: The Pakistan Army frequently offers opportunities for advanced education and specialization in a variety of disciplines, such as advanced military courses and postgraduate degrees.
  • Travel and Adventure: Military service can entail travel to different regions of the United States and even international deployments, providing opportunities for adventure and cultural exposure.
  • Healthcare Advantages: The Pakistan Army offers its personnel and their families comprehensive healthcare coverage.
  • Pension Benefits: Service in the military can result in a pension upon retirement, providing financial security in later years.
  • Benefit to National Security: As a captain in the Pakistan Army, you can directly contribute to the defense and security of your nation.
  • Respect and Acknowledgement: Society respects and honors Pakistani Army soldiers for their dedication and sacrifice.

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Positions to Join Pak Army as Captain

  • Lady Captains

Eligibility Criteria for Lady Captain Jobs:

  • Corps of Engineers (Engrs):
    • B.E. in Architecture (Town Planning)
  • Corps of Signals (Sigs):
    • BE in Software Engineering (BESE)
    • BE in Information Security (BEIS)
  • Signals Information Technology (Sigs-IT):
    • BS/BE in Software Engineering
    • BS/BE in Computer Engineering
    • BS/BE in Computer Sciences
    • BS/BE in System Engineering
    • BS/BE in Informatics/Cyber Security
  • Army Service Corps (ASC):
    • BS/MSc in Supply Chain Management/Logistics
  • Corps of Ordnance (Ord):
    • BS/MS in Energetic Material
  • Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (EME):
    • BE in Computer Engineering
    • BE in Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering
    • BE in Avionics/Electrical Engineering
  • Army Education Corps (AEC):
    • MA, MSc, or BS in English
    • MA, MSc, or BS in Urdu
    • MA, MSc, or BS in Biology
    • MA, MSc, or BS in Chemistry

To be eligible for Lady Captain Jobs in the Pakistan Army, candidates must meet the specified educational requirements for each category.

How to Apply

  • Visit to learn more about joining the Pakistan Army.
  • Find the section Online Registration Form
  • Check the website frequently for updates and announcements.
  • Exam slips will be published on the identical website.
  • Download and print a copy of your test slip for your records.
  • Prepare for the exams and interviews per the schedule provided.

More Info

People Also Ask:

  1. How can a girl become a captain in the Pakistan Army?

    Girls can join the Pakistan Army as captains through this lady cadet course. Female, unmarried candidates with 16 years of education in the relevant categories can apply for the lady cadet course. Registration for the Pak Army Lady Cadet Course will start on June 19, and the last date to apply for the course is July 12.

  2. Can a girl become a captain? 

    There are over 11,244 captains currently employed in the United States. 34.6% of all captains are women, while 65.4% are men.

  3. Which army field is female in Pakistan?

    The Pakistan Army doesn’t allow women to join the infantry, artillery, and armored units; also, women who are commissioned in various branches are not allowed to serve more than ten years, except in the medical corps, where women can serve 30 to 35 years, e.g. Nigar Johar became a lieutenant general in 2020 after serving 35 years.

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