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Pak Navy Jobs 2024 – Apply Now

The Pakistan Navy is seeking Middle, Matric, and Intermediate graduates. In addition to safeguarding Pakistan’s seas and the Indian border, the Pakistan Navy is tasked with preserving peace, preventing terrorism and extremism, and ensuring border security. Individuals of any gender may submit an online application for Pak Navy jobs or register to join the Pak Navy at

Recruitment examinations are administered at various Pak Navy recruitment centers located in cities throughout the nation. These current Pak Navy job openings serve as an invitation to join the highly promising military branch.

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Pak Navy Jobs For Males & Females

Jobs in the Pakistan Navy with the requisite minimum education are detailed below:

Job NameMinimum Education RequiredMax Age Limit
PN CadetFSc/A level16½–21 years
SailorsMatric16½–21 years
Pak MarinesMatric16½–23 years
SSCMatric/Inter/BS/MS/MBBS/MBA/BSC/Engineer28 Years
CiviliansMatric/Inter/BS19–55 years
M CadetMBBS26 Years

Benefits of Pak Navy Jobs

  • Profession Stability: A career in the Navy is characterized by stability and security, with advancement prospects contingent upon one’s meritorious performance.
  • Educating and Training: The Pakistan Navy provides comprehensive training programs that foster the development of leadership abilities, technical expertise, and educational prospects, frequently in specialized domains such as aviation, navigation, engineering, and more.
  • The Diversity of Jobs: The Navy offers a diverse array of positions that accommodate various interests and skill sets. These positions include administrative roles, technical roles, medical careers, and combat roles, among others.
  • Compensatory Competitiveness: In addition to competitive salaries and benefits, Navy personnel generally enjoy housing allowances, retirement plans, healthcare provisions, and various other advantages.
  • An Exploration and Venture: Naval professions frequently entail journeys, both domestically and abroad, which afford individuals the chance to encounter diverse cultures and encounter new things.
  • Leadership and Collaboration: Navy service cultivates leadership, discipline, and collaboration abilities that are beneficial in both the military and the civilian sphere.
  • The National Service consists of: Individuals who can serve their country by contributing to national defense and security efforts by enlisting in the Navy.
  • Innovative Technology: Naval personnel are provided with training and access to cutting-edge technology and apparatus, which enables them to acquire significant technical expertise.
  • Physical well-being and fitness: Military service promotes a healthy lifestyle and provides access to fitness facilities, which in turn encourages an emphasis on physical fitness and health.
  • Optimal Retirement Benefits: Benefits and retirement plans provided by the Navy afford veterans financial security upon discharge.

Selection Criteria for Pak Navy Jobs

To become a member of the Pakistan Navy, one must satisfy the requirements of the specific rank for which one is appealing.

PN Cadet

For Civilians:

  • Age: 16½–21 years
  • Height: Minimum 5’4”
  • Marital Status: Unmarried Male
  • Qualification: Minimum 60% in Matric/O level in Science, FSc/A level with Physics, Math & Chemistry, Physics, Math & Computer Science, or Physics, Math & Statistics

For Serving Candidates (Armed Forces in Uniform):

  • Age: 17–23 years
  • Height: Minimum 5’4”
  • Marital Status: Unmarried Male
  • Qualification: Minimum 60% in Matric/O level in Science, FSc/A level with Physics, Math & Chemistry, Physics, Math & Computer Science, or Physics, Math & Statistics

M Cadet

In general, the subsequent requirements are necessary to become an M-Cadet in the Pakistan Navy:

  • Age: Up to 26 years
  • Height: Minimum 5’4” for males, minimum 5′ for females
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Qualification: MBBS degree from a government medical college or a medical college recognized by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC).


  • Qualification: Matric/Inter/BS/Masters
  • Marital Status: Married or Unmarried
  • Age: 17–55 years (depending on the job)

Category Age Relaxation Scheduled Castes, Buddhist Community, Recognized Tribes of the Tribal Areas, Azad Kashmir, Northern Areas, Sindh (R), and Balochistan 03 years Released or retired personnel of the Armed Forces 15 years or years served Government servants with two years of continuous service 10 years up to 55 years Disabled persons 10 years Son or daughter of a deceased civil servant 05 years Widow or widower of a deceased civil servant Up to 50 years


  • Age: 16½–21 years
  • Height: Minimum 5’4”
  • Marital Status: Unmarried Male
  • Qualification: Matric/Inter/
  • Relaxations are not granted as per the policy in vogue.

Pak Navy Online Apply

Applicants who are interested in joining the Pak Navy may do so through the following website: Conversely, application forms may be procured from specifically designated recruitment centers situated in diverse urban centers throughout Pakistan. Applicants may submit the required documents and visit the nearest PN Recruitment and Selection Center within the timeframe specified by NHQ via advertisement.

  • Original photocopies of educational credentials that have been attested
  • Three photographs in passport size
  • Registration Form ‘B’ or ID Card (whichever is applicable) 0
  • An uncrossed postal order for Rs. 30 was made payable to the Director of Recruitment, NHQ Islamabad.

More Info

Physical Fitness Standard for Pak Navy

Running1 mile (1.6 km)8 minutes, 30 seconds
Push-ups10 repetitions2 minutes
Sit-ups10 repetitions2 minutes
Chin-ups2 repetitions2 minutes

It is important to acknowledge that the aforementioned are generic prerequisites and could potentially differ depending on the particular recruitment procedure and role within the Pakistan Navy.

Ineligibility Criteria for Pak Navy Jobs

In simplified terms, the following are the criteria for ineligibility: The subsequent persons are deemed ineligible for enlistment in the Pakistan Navy:

Rejected by the election commissions of ISSB, GHQ, NHQ/AHQ:

  • Rejected twice by the ISSB for postgraduate admission.
  • I was rejected twice by the ISSB for the Intermediate/Graduate (PMA/Graduate/Equivalent) program and once by selection boards based on the GHQ, NHQ, and AHQ.
  • The ISSB once rejected INSAUTATE/GRADUATE (PMA/Graduate/Equivalent), and the GHQ/NHQ/AHQ-based selection committees twice rejected the candidate.
  • The ISSB rejected me twice.
  • Subject to testing within four months (120 days) from the last appearance in ISSB, unless the competent authority has authorized an exception. Candidate appearances before GHQ, NHQ, and AHQ selection bodies are exempt from the 120-day rule.
  • Prohibited from utilizing government services, including the armed forces, or dismissed.
  • A person who has been found guilty in a court of law for a severe offense, as determined by the military authority
  • PUF (AMB: Permanently Declared Unfit) by the Appeal/Medical Board
  • Medically deemed unsuitable on account of Hepatitis B and C; therefore, AMB cannot be requested.
  • Dismissed from any affiliated college or institution of the Armed Forces due to disciplinary reasons. This provision also extends to individuals who have, for any reason, withdrawn, discharged, resigned, or purchased a commission from an Armed Forces Officers Academy or Training Institution.
  • An applicant who falsifies, tampers with, or conceals academic credentials to gain an undue advantage will be permanently barred from all commissions in the Armed Forces.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How can I apply for the Pak Navy?

    You can register yourself by visiting the nearest PN Recruitment and Selection Center along with the following documents during the period prescribed by NHQ through advertisement. After 26 weeks at PNA, the graduate entry cadets pass out as midshipmen and join ships.

  2. How can I apply for the Pakistan Navy after matriculation? 

    Candidates may register themselves by visiting the website of the Pakistan Navy at Online registered candidates must bring a postal order of Rs. 200/-. This fee is in favor of the Director of Recruitment, Naval Headquarters, Islamabad. They may also bring it with them and submit it to the centers.

  3. What is the Pakistan Navy called? 

    The Pakistan Navy (PN) is the uniform naval warfare branch of the Pakistan Armed Forces.

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