Admissions of PN Cadet College Ormara 2024 – A Guide

Admission to PN Cadet College Ormara is currently being accepted for the eighth and eleventh academic years. At its location in Karachi, Sindh, Cadet College Ormara offers instruction and preparation for enlistment in the Pakistan Navy. It is situated 360 kilometers away from the nation’s capital.

The Pakistan Navy’s objective is to significantly enhance literacy rates in Balochistan through the establishment of a center for excellence in learning at Cadet College Ormara and the provision of high-quality education.

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Admissions of PN Cadet College Ormara in 8th Class

Baloch N-cadet of the eighth grade. The Pakistan Navy officially opens Ormara Cadet College in 2021, when the first classes (class VII) will start. Ormara is situated 360 kilometers west of Karachi and is accessible via air or by road in approximately 50 minutes.

Prospectuses and admission forms are available at the PNR and sCS branches affiliated with Cadet College Ormara. You may obtain the item for Rs. 600 in cash. The recipient of a demand draft pay order from the MCB Ormara branch with branch code 1614 should be Principal Cadet College Ormara.

Eligibility for 8th Class

The subsequent standards shall govern the admission process for class VII.


Approximately 50% of the overall seats are designated for recruits hailing from the province of Balochistan. Upon fulfilling specific qualifications and standards, these individuals may be granted admission to the Pakistan Naval Academy after Class XII.

Paying Cadets

The following constitutes a 50% reserve for cadet compensation:

  • Prospective candidate from outside Balochistan Sons and Wards of PN
  • Students in seventh grade are eligible to enroll.
  • Unmarried minor

Self Finance Cadets

Ten additional seats have been allocated for the self-finance program.

Eligibility for 11th Class

  • Class XI cadets will be allocated a restricted number of seats in the pre-engineering, pre-medical, and ICS programs.
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 15 and 18 as of March 31, 2022. Adjust that age by 90 days by your proficiency level.
  • A minimum of 60% of the candidate’s matriculation grades are mandatory.
  • Candidates should not have earned any failing grades on their licensure examinations.
  • The candidate should not have had to repeat any classes.
  • Provisional acceptance will be granted to students who have completed or are currently completing the annual class X examination and are awaiting the results. In support of this, the school’s principal must affix a duly signed certificate.
  • Class X performance will be a prerequisite for the final merit list.
NationalityMale candidates from Pakistan
Marital StatusOnly unmarried candidates are eligible.

Benefits of PN Cadet College Ormara

  • Superior Education: Emphasizing academics, character development, and leadership growth, PNCC Ormara offers an education of the highest caliber.
  • The Foundation for Naval Professions: A specialized curriculum designed to prepare students for professions in the Pakistan Navy is provided by the college. It provides general education as well as a foundation in subjects pertinent to naval studies.
  • Military Instruction: Military education imparts discipline, physical fitness, leadership abilities, and knowledge of naval operations to students.
  • Participation in Extracurricular Activities: By emphasizing extracurricular pursuits such as debates, cultural events, sports, and community service, the institution promotes the well-rounded development of its students.
  • Employment Opportunities: Graduates of PNCC Ormara who satisfy the requisite academic requirements and complete their studies are eligible to enlist as officers in the Pakistan Navy.
  • The Process of Character Development: The college strives to inculcate in its students principles that are indispensable for a military career, including honesty, self-control, national pride, and collaboration.
  • Leadership Development: By preparing them to assume leadership positions and responsibilities, the curriculum equips students with the various challenges they may encounter in the military and in civilian life.
  • Engaging in networking: Students can develop a network of mentors and colleagues with similar interests and goals, which can be advantageous for their future professional and personal development.
  • Financial Assistance: The eligibility and circumstances of particular students may determine whether they are granted scholarships or financial aid to assist with the cost of their studies at PNCC Ormara.
  • Solid Alumni Connections: Graduates frequently establish a robust alumni network, which can furnish them with career-long assistance, direction, and prospects across diverse domains.
  • Prestige and Acknowledgment: Achieving a degree from PNCC Ormara confers honor and renown in academic and military spheres, potentially granting access to a multitude of professional opportunities.

Selection Programme and Procedure

Those selected based on their merit will receive notification and an invitation to a medical examination and interview. Cadet colleges in Karachi and Peshawar, as well as the Pakistan Navy recruitment and selection centers, shall disseminate informed interview dates.

In addition to an entry exam and medical exam, the admissions procedure also comprises an interview.

PN Cadet College Ormara

PN Cadet College Ormara (CCO) presents citizens of Balochistan who aspire to acquire a high-caliber education with an exceptional opportunity. The college provides students with solid groundwork to support their future professional aspirations.

The Cadet College Ormara will assist you in reaching your professional objectives, whether they be enlistment in the Pakistani armed forces, or studying physical sciences, engineering, or medical science.

The institution strives to provide instruction and learning that are equivalent to those observed on a global scale. Cadets will also receive guidance on developing their personalities, enhancing their character, and honing their innate abilities.

Silent features

The college ensures that students in classes VII–XII (Pre-Engineering/Computer Science) receive a high-quality education and equips cadets with the resources necessary to confront intellectual, moral, and physical challenges throughout their lives.

  • Faculty members hold professional credentials, and support personnel are highly educated.
  • Swimming pools, watersports facilities, and sports fields
  • Qualified Balochistani candidates will be granted complimentary Ncadet education.
  • Cadets are awarded a stipend each month.
  • Cadet colleges situated in different provinces levy a 50% tuition surcharge in comparison to their counterparts.
  • A pollution-free, healthy, and secure environment

Cadet College Ormara Contact

AddressPN Cadet College Ormara, at Jinnah Naval Base, Ormara, Balochistan
Phone021-32322950, 021-32322967, and 021-32322420

Download the syllabus for 8th and 9th grades.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I apply for Cadet College Ormara?

    Each application for admission must be accompanied by a bank draft or pay order of Rs 250/- in favor of Principal Cadet College Ormara, NBP (Ormara branch) for the amount mentioned in the admission form as registration fee or postage charges. The registration fee is non-refundable.

  2. Can I get admission to Cadet College?

    Must have passed class VII, obtaining not less than 45% marks. Be unmarried (contracting marriage during training is not allowed). Candidates who appeared in the class VII annual examination and are awaiting results will be accepted provisionally.

  3. How much of a percentage is required for a cadet college?

    For Classes 7th, 8th, and 9th, applicants are required to clear our admission test, which is based on the Rawalpindi Board syllabus. An applicant has to attain at least 50% on the test to be considered for admission.

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