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The Pakistani military hires candidates for a variety of positions. These are the minimum height requirements (your height must be equal to or greater than those listed). For instance, if the height requirement for the lady cadet course is 5 feet, then all females with a height of 5 feet or more are eligible for the course, assuming they meet all other educational requirements.

Benefits of Pak Army

  • Job Protection: Careers in the Pakistan Army typically offer a high level of employment security. After selection and training, most military personnel have stable employment.
  • Comparable Remuneration: For service members and their families, the Pakistan Army provides competitive salaries and allowances, including housing, medical, and educational allowances.
  • Instruction and Advancement: The military provides extensive training and education opportunities, allowing individuals to acquire valuable skills and knowledge in a variety of disciplines, ranging from combat to technical specializations.
  • Career Advancement: There are opportunities for promotions and advancement based on performance and qualifications within the Pakistan Army’s structured career progression structure.
  • Management Experience: The military provides the opportunity to develop strong leadership abilities and acquire leadership experience that can be beneficial in both military and civilian careers.
  • Advantages in terms of healthcare: The Army’s extensive healthcare benefits for service members and their dependents ensure access to medical care.
  • Pension Benefits: The Pakistan Army provides retirement benefits, such as pensions, gratuities, and post-retirement medical care, to ensure post-service financial security.
  • Educational Possibilities: Military personnel may have access to education and training programs designed to advance their academic credentials and professional development.
  • World Exposure: The military can provide opportunities for international assignments and collaboration with foreign armed forces, thereby broadening one’s global perspective.
  • To travel: Individuals serving in the Pakistan Army may be required to travel and be stationed in various regions of the country, allowing them to experience diverse cultures and environments.
  • Fraternal bonds: The military instills a strong sense of camaraderie and cooperation in its service members, resulting in lifelong friendships and mutual support.
  • Uniform allowance: A uniform allowance is provided to service members to cover the cost of uniforms and related equipment.
  • Adventure: With opportunities for physical fitness, outdoor training, and one-of-a-kind experiences, military service can be exciting and difficult.
  • Volunteer Service: Serving their country and contributing to national security and defense is a source of immense fulfillment for many individuals.
  • Community Participation: The Army frequently engages in community development and disaster relief efforts, enabling service members to positively impact society.
  • Ability to transfer skills: The transferability of military-acquired skills and discipline to civilian occupations makes service members desirable candidates in a variety of industries.

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For Non commissioned posts | Height Requirements for Pak Army

The following table will assist you in comprehending the height requirements for non-commissioned positions and vacancies in the Pakistan Army.

PostHeight Requirement
Sepoy or soldier
(Only men can apply for the soldier post.)
5 feet and 6 inches
Clerk and Cook:5 feet and 3 inches
Military Police5 feet and 8 inches
Sentry worker and sweeper5 feet and 3 inches
Junior Commission officer5 feet and 3 inches

AFNS (Armed Forces Nursing Service) | Height Requirements for Pak Army

The height requirement for AFNS positions in the Pakistani army is 5 feet (152.4 cm). Only women are permitted to join the AFNS.

Commissioning Posts | Height Requirements for Pak Army

The following table outlines the height requirements for commissioning posts (officers) in the Pakistani army.

PostHeight Requirement
Medical Cadet5 feet and 4 inches
Technical Cadet5 feet and 4 inches
Short-service commission5 feet and 4 inches
PMA-long course5 feet and 4 inches
Lady Cadet Course (for females only)5 feet

More Info

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the height limit for the Army?

    Army Height Minimums and Maximums
    According to the United States Army’s official site for recruiting, the height range for recruits starts at 5’0 and ends at 6’8 for men and 4’10 to 6’8 for women. This is the range specified on the official Army website that displays its height and weight calculator.

  2. What height is required for PMA?

    Minimum Height: Every candidate should have a minimum height of 5 feet, 4 inches (162.5 cm). 2. Visual Standard: Distance Vision with glasses should be 6/9, 6/12, and Near Vision should be J2, J7, or N8, N12, with or without glasses. Weight: as per the Body Mass Index.

  3. What is the physical test for the army? 

    The Army physical fitness program has two factors: the weigh-in and the physical fitness test, or PFT. The APFT is a three-event physical performance test used to assess endurance. It is a simple way to measure your physical strengths, abilities, and cardiorespiratory fitness.

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