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Through the PAF AD Course, you can become a regular commissioned officer in the Pakistan Air Force. To live with honor and dignity, join the Pakistan Air Force. PAF positions have been announced. A candidate can register for the GDP Course, Aeronautical Engineering Course, or Air Defense Course (AD Course) by applying online at The process for joining the PAF AD Branch is outlined in detail.

The Pakistan Air Force is a noble profession that provides limitless opportunities for self-actualization through the pursuit of knowledge, higher education, and professional growth. In addition to a substantial salary, your social status in society and pride in serving your country are the greatest rewards.

Enroll in PAF AD registration today and begin preparation for the AD course Initial exam and the ISSB personality test to receive all of these benefits and amenities.

enroll in the PAF AD Course. An existence of respect and dignity. A candidate can enroll in the PAF AD course with a minimum of 60% after completing Intermediate FSc/ICS/A’Level. For complete PAF AD Course enrollment instructions, scroll down and read attentively.

Follow the detailed instructions below. The following are the comprehensive enrollment requirements for the PAF Air Defense Course. All of the points below are discussed in detail; to read them, please proceed down.

Benefits of PAF Air Defense Course

  • Specialized Instruction: The Air Defence Course offers specialized instruction in air defense operations, strategies, and tactics. Airspace control, air surveillance, and air defense weaponry are covered in detail.
  • Career Advancement: Air Defence Course completion can lead to promotion within the Pakistan Air Force. In air defense units, graduates may be eligible for promotions and leadership opportunities.
  • Job Protection: Typically, military careers, such as those in air defense, offer a high level of job security. The employees are safeguarded against arbitrary terminations and redundancies.
  • Competitive Income: In addition to competitive salaries, military personnel receive numerous allowances and benefits. These may include housing subsidies, health insurance, and retirement programs.
  • Retirement Benefits: Typically, pension benefits come along with military service, ensuring retirement security.
  • Leadership Qualities: Participants may be entrusted with managing and leading air defense teams and units, so the course helps them develop their leadership abilities.
  • Operational Knowledge: Participants acquire valuable, real-world experience in air defense operations that can be applied to future military positions.
  • Technological Expertise: Participants in the Air Defense Course are exposed to sophisticated military technologies and systems used in air defense, thereby enhancing their technical proficiency.
  • National Contribution to Security: Course graduates play a crucial role in protecting the national airspace and contributing to the nation’s overall security.
  • Integrity and Professionalism: Military training instills a strong sense of discipline and professionalism, which can be beneficial both inside and outside of the military.
  • Healthcare Advantages: Typically, military personnel have access to comprehensive healthcare benefits, such as medical, dental, and vision insurance.
  • Education and Continuing Professional Education: The PAF may provide opportunities for advanced education and professional development, such as certifications and advanced courses.

Eligibility for PAF Air Defense Course

Before registering, a candidate who wishes to join the PAF through the AD Course must meet the requirements outlined below. If a candidate is eligible to register for the PAF AD Course, he can do so online or by visiting PAF I & SC.

  • Age:
    The age of a Candidate should be 16-22 years to apply for the AD course.
  • Nationality:
    Only the Male Citizen of Pakistan can Apply for the AD Course. (Women can apply in the yearly 2nd Upcoming AD  Course)
  • Height and Weight:
    The minimum height of a candidate is 5 feet and 4 inches and weight as per Body Mass Index (BMI).
  • Marital Status:
    Unmarried people can apply for the AD Course.
  • Training Period:
    After successful selection, procedure candidate has to spend 3 years of education and training at Risalpur.
  • Educational Qualification:
    candidate must have passed with a minimum of 60% marks in any one of the following
    • FSc (pre-engineering)
    • FSc (Pre-Medical)
    • A’Level with subject Physics and (Math or Biology)
    • FSc (Computer Science)
    • FSc with Physics and any other two subjects from ( Maths, Stat, Computer Science, Biology)

Ineligibility Conditions of PAF Air Defense Course

A candidate is ineligible for the PAF AD course if any of the following apply:

  • a candidate who has received two rejection letters from the Inter-Services Selection Board
  • The ISSB rejected the candidate twice.
  • A candidate who has been dismissed, removed, or disqualified from any government service
  • Who tested within a 4-month, 120-day gap since their previous ISSB appearance.
  • The aspirant was dismissed, removed, or disqualified from the PAK Army, Navy, or PAF.
  • convicted in a court of law of any serious offense (which the military authority with jurisdiction will determine)
  • The Appeal Medical Board (AMB) finds the patient unfit.
  • Withdrawn for disciplinary reasons from any bonded Armed Forces college or any Armed Forces institution

NOTE: Conditions mentioned above can be read in this informative note. If you have any concerns, please contact us. Our team will provide further direction. If you have a question, please click here. Please leave a comment at this page’s bottom.

PAF AD Course Registration

Registration online or at PAF Information and Selection centers. For registration at PAF Information and Selection Centers, visit the PAF I & SC closest to you. Visit PAF Selection Centers to examine a list of PAF selection centers and contact information.

How to Apply For PAF Air Defense Course

Friends Customer Care Center (Layyah) offers online application for PAF AD Course, GDP Course, CAE Course, etc. applicants.

Please contact me via WhatsApp by tapping on the button provided below.

PAF AD Course Online Apply:

  • R.s 200/apply

Payment Option:

  • JazzCash
  • Easypaisa
  • HBL account
  • JS bank account

Pay only after registration, and receive the registration receipt in PDF format via WhatsApp.

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Selection Procedure For PAF Air Defense Course

  • A candidate must pass these initial phases at PAF Information and Selection Centers in order to be shortlisted for the AD Course ISSB examination.
  • Register Online or at the PAF I & SC Registration Center. Create a copy of your valid registration form.
  • Initial Written Exam for the PAF AD Course/ Intelligence Test.
  • Intelligence and Academic Tests in the Subjects Listed Below
  • PAF Air Defence: AD Academic Test in English and Physics (Click Here for the PAF AD TEST Study Guide)
  • Initial Medical Checkup
  • First Interview at the PAF Information and Selection Center
  • Submission of ISSB Forms at the PAF Information and Selection Center

Shortlisted candidates will receive notice for the AD Course ISSB Test via the website as well as a phone call to the home address provided on the ISSB application.

  • ISSB Examination & Interviews (5-Day Process)
  • Final Medical Exam. (Final Medical Exam at Central Medical Board Lahore CMB)
  • AHQ bases its selections on the overall performance of candidates. (PAF AD Course Final Honor Roll)

The selected candidates must complete a three-year training program at PAF Asghar Khan Academy Risalpur in order to earn a degree in PAF Air defense Course.

Documents Required for PAF Air Defense Course

The following requirements must be met upon arrival at PAF I & SC on the day of the initial AD test.

  • Original certificate, detailed Matric/ICS/F.Sc or Equivalent Marks Sheet, matriculation certificate Detailed Matric Grade Sheet
  • Original Result Card must be presented.
  • Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) for those older than 18 years. Candidates under the age of 18 must submit Form “B” along with the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) of their legal guardian (father or mother).
  • One set of attested photocopies of the documents listed above.
  • Principal, Class-1 Gazetted Officer must authenticate three passport-sized, color photographs, front and back.
  • An original and one photocopy of the ISSB letter NOT RECOMMENDED are required (only for repeater candidates).

More Info

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the PAF Air Defense course?

    Air Defense Training School runs a basic Air Defense Weapon Controllers course for cadets and officers of the PAF and friendly air forces. This course is spread over a total duration of 24 weeks, with a frequency of two courses per year. Air Defense Training School conducts Basic and other courses on Air Defense.

  2. What is the duty of air defense? 

    The portion of an air-defense system that provides for the detection, surveillance, and control of airborne objects

  3. Which degree is best for PAF?

    PAF provides a variety of opportunities to help you build a successful career. Whether you’ve completed an FSc or are pursuing a graduate degree in engineering, medicine, or information technology, your career awaits at PAF. As an engineer or physician, PAF offers every opportunity to excel in your field.

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