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Pak Army Graduate Course 2024 – Apply Online

Enlist in the Pakistan Army via PMA Graduate Course 39. The Pakistan Army offers a regular commission through its graduate course. The previous course was Graduate Course 38, and the subsequent course will be Graduate Course 39. PMA GC announcements occur annually in June. To enroll in the Pak Army Graduate Course, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree (2 or 4 years).

Graduate course training lasts for one year at the Pakistan Military Academy. Each year consists of two terms. After completing their instruction, cadets receive the rank of captain.

If you wish to become an engineer in the Pakistan Army, you must register for the Technical Cadet Course, for which candidates must have completed FSC Pre-engineering and ICS. However, women can register for the Lady Cadet Course after completing 16 years of schooling.

Is Graduate Course Ended By Pak Army?

In 2019, Graduate Course 39 is not scheduled. In reality, the Pakistan Army has terminated the Graduate Course, and there will be no more inductions through it. The Graduate Course’s 38th and final cohort was announced on June 15, 2018. However, there is no announcement for the 39 graduate courses in 2019. The Pakistan Army offers no justification.

In addition, information regarding graduate courses has been eliminated from both Pakistan Army websites. Check Images This is the 2019 image from the Pakistan Army website, where employment opportunities are posted. Now, the Pakistan Army has announced that the PMA graduate course has been suspended indefinitely. No one knows why it occurred. This is terrible news for those candidates awaiting the course.

This course is also a rapid promotion course, as promotion to captain only takes three years (2-year bachelor’s degree + 1-year PMA training). However, in the PMA extended course, it took between five and six years to attain the rank of captain. You can join the Pak Army through the PMA Long Course, which is similar to the Pak Army graduate program with a few minor differences.

Benefits of Pak Army Graduate Course

  • Job Protection: Careers in the Pakistan Army typically offer a high level of employment security. After selection and training, most military personnel have stable employment.
  • Comparable Remuneration: For service members and their families, the Pakistan Army provides competitive salaries and allowances, including housing, medical, and educational allowances.
  • Instruction and Advancement: The military provides extensive training and education opportunities, allowing individuals to acquire valuable skills and knowledge in a variety of disciplines, ranging from combat to technical specializations.
  • Career Advancement: There are opportunities for promotions and advancement based on performance and qualifications within the Pakistan Army’s structured career progression structure.
  • Management Experience: The military provides the opportunity to develop strong leadership abilities and acquire leadership experience that can be beneficial in both military and civilian careers.
  • Advantages in terms of healthcare: The Army’s extensive healthcare benefits for service members and their dependents ensure access to medical care.
  • Pension Benefits: The Pakistan Army provides retirement benefits, such as pensions, gratuities, and post-retirement medical care, to ensure post-service financial security.
  • Educational Possibilities: Military personnel may have access to education and training programs designed to advance their academic credentials and professional development.
  • World Exposure: The military can provide opportunities for international assignments and collaboration with foreign armed forces, thereby broadening one’s global perspective.
  • To travel: Individuals serving in the Pakistan Army may be required to travel and be stationed in various regions of the country, allowing them to experience diverse cultures and environments.
  • Fraternal bonds: The military instills a strong sense of camaraderie and cooperation in its service members, resulting in lifelong friendships and mutual support.
  • Uniform allowance: A uniform allowance is provided to service members to cover the cost of uniforms and related equipment.
  • Adventure: With opportunities for physical fitness, outdoor training, and one-of-a-kind experiences, military service can be exciting and difficult.
  • Volunteer Service: Serving their country and contributing to national security and defense is a source of immense fulfillment for many individuals.
  • Community Participation: The Army frequently engages in community development and disaster relief efforts, enabling service members to positively impact society.
  • Ability to transfer skills: The transferability of military-acquired skills and discipline to civilian occupations makes service members desirable candidates in a variety of industries.

Expected Date & Online Registration

Not yet announced. When registration begins, candidates can apply online by visiting the Join Pakistan Army website. Visit the closest AS&RC (Army Selection & Recruitment Center) to register offline for the Graduate Course Pak Army. The Pakistan Army website will require 72 hours to generate your test date, so be patient and don’t be concerned. The details of 39 graduate courses are enumerated below.

Old National Identification Cards and Form “B” are not accepted.

More Info

Details of Pak Army Graduate Course

Details on the Pak Army PMA Graduate course are provided below. You must meet one of the eligibility requirements listed.

DegreeMinimum MarksAge Requirement
BA/BSC (2 years)55 % marks +
50% marks in Inter
20-25 Years
BBA/BPA55 % marks +
50% marks in Inter
20-25 Years
BS(4 years)55 % marks +
50% marks in Inter
20-25 Years
Serving Soldiers50 % marks +
50% marks in Inter
20-25 Years
Rural Areas5-10 % marks relaxationAs Above Years

Intelligence Test

The purpose of the intelligence test is to evaluate a candidate’s problem-solving skills to determine whether he meets the minimum intelligence requirement. The PMA IQ examination is administered via computer. Computer literacy is required for the initial exam of the 150 PMA-long course.

Test TypeTotal QuestionsTotal Time
Verbal Intelligence Test65 Questions30 minutes
Non-Verbal Intelligence Test75 Questions35 minutes
  • In the Verbal Intelligence Test, number and character series, odd one out, and comparison questions appeared to assess a candidate’s problem-solving abilities.
  • In the Non-Verbal Intelligence Test, diagrams, shapes, and puzzles are presented, and you must choose the most appropriate solution. It is less difficult than a verbal intelligence test.

Medical Test

These medical tests are administered as part of the Graduate Medical Course. Unfit candidates will be referred to the CMH (Combined Military Hospital) closest to their location.

  • Chest expansion
  • Flat feet
  • Carry angle
  • Knocking knee
  • Eyesight
  • Piles
  • Height
  • Weight

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Physical Test

The PMA graduate course physical examination is administered at the nearest army field. These exams are administered during a physical examination.

Test TypeTest RequirementTotal Time
Running1.6 KM8 minutes
Chin-Ups340 seconds
Sit-Ups302 minutes
Ditch Crossing7.4×7.4 depth 4

Citizens of Pakistan Residing Abroad Eligible candidates residing abroad are absolved of preliminary selection. Nevertheless, Attaches will evaluate their general suitability, physical deformity, and stammering.

Candidates are advised to contact Pakistani embassies (military and defense attachés) in their country of residence or Personnel Administration Directorate PA-3(a), GHQ Rawalpindi, for application forms. They will submit their application forms with supplementary materials. The Pakistani


A Rs. 100 postal order and a Rs. 500 bank draft made out to the Director of Personnel Administration (Selection), Personnel Administration Directorate, GHQ Rawalpindi, must accompany the application form. A postal address in Pakistan must also be provided on the application forms so that call-up notices for ISSB tests and interviews and further correspondence can be sent to eligible candidates at the provided Pakistani address. No travel allowance will be granted for transit to or from Pakistan.

Incentives/ Privileges

  • Exceptional compensation, free medical coverage for family and guardians, and a servant facility
  • Opportunities for adventure such as parachuting, horseback riding, mountaineering, skiing, etc.
  • Employment on overseas United Nations missions.
  • Courses in multiple foreign countries.
  • Compatible service benefits or bundles.
  • One year of training is sufficient for commission in the Pakistan Army.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Who is eligible for the PMA graduate course?

    Minimum 55% marks in FA/FSc and equivalent Candidates who secure 60% mks or above in BA/BSc/BA/BSc-(Hons) and BBA/BPA, with 50% mks in FA/FSc, are eligible for the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Long Course. Serving Army soldiers. 50% marks in FA/FSc or equivalent.

  2. What is the rank of a PMA graduate? 

    Upon completing the 4-year program, cadets graduate, earn the degree of BS in National Security Management, and are commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant or Ensign in the service branches of the Armed Forces by the authority of the President.

  3. What are the benefits of graduating from PMA? 

    As full-time government scholars, the PMA cadets enjoy a well-rounded quality education and receive salary and allowances while studying. After graduation, the PMAers are guaranteed jobs and are commissioned as regular officers in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

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