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Lady officers’ uniforms are the most enticing aspect of the Pakistani military for women who are seated at home. The training of female cadets is another thrilling aspect for them. By joining the Pak army through a specific course, however, such girls can now realize their aspirations of army training and donning this lovely dress.

Initially, there was only a need for medically trained females in the Pak Army as doctors and nurses. However, there are now many positions for females in the Pakistan Army who have degrees in disciplines other than medicine. What are the requirements for a woman to join the Pakistani military? The following post will discuss female positions in the Pakistani military outside of the medical profession.

Pak Army Jobs as Captain for Females After Intermediate

Girls with only an F.Sc in pre-engineering, F.A., ICS, or A-level cannot enter the Pakistani Army. If they wish to join this sacrosanct institution, the Pakistan Army, they must study further and obtain a higher degree. Only F.Sc. pre-medical females can apply for doctor or nurse positions after F.Sc.

Pak Army Jobs as Captain for Females After graduation

In the Pakistani army, non-medical women are recruited for the Short Service Commission through the Lady Cadet Course in seven different ways. The selected girls will undergo a six-month training program at PMA Kakul before becoming female cadets in the Pakistan Army.
This course is only offered once per year. The lady cadet course will be announced shortly.

Benefits of Pak Army Jobs as Captain for Females

  • Distinguished Career: Captain in the Pakistan Army is a prestigious and highly regarded position in the country. This position carries with it respect and admiration.
  • Leadership Possibilities: You will have the opportunity to guide and command a group of soldiers as a Captain. This leadership experience is invaluable for personal development and growth.
  • Professional Development: The Pakistan Army places a significant emphasis on professional growth. You will receive ongoing education and training to improve your skills and knowledge.
  • Comparable Compensation and Benefits: The Pakistan Army provides its officers with competitive salaries and benefits, such as allowances, medical care, accommodation, and retirement benefits.
  • Job Protection: The Pakistan Army is similar to other militaries in that it offers secure employment. You can anticipate a stable career with regular performance-based promotions.
  • Difficult Assignments: There are a variety of challenging assignments and responsibilities associated with military service. These experiences can assist in the development of problem-solving and adaptability.
  • Cooperation and Companionship: Service in the military fosters a robust sense of camaraderie and cooperation. You will develop lifelong connections with your fellow soldiers through close collaboration.
  • Individual Discipline: The Pakistan Army instills a sense of personal discipline and responsibility, which can be valuable both within and outside of your military career.
  • Educational Possibilities: The Pakistan Army frequently offers opportunities for advanced education and specialization in a variety of disciplines, such as advanced military courses and postgraduate degrees.
  • Travel and Adventure: Military service can entail travel to different regions of the United States and even international deployments, providing opportunities for adventure and cultural exposure.
  • Healthcare Advantages: The Pakistan Army offers its personnel and their families comprehensive healthcare coverage.
  • Pension Benefits: Service in the military can result in a pension upon retirement, providing financial security in later years.
  • Benefit to National Security: As a captain in the Pakistan Army, you can directly contribute to the defense and security of your nation.
  • Respect and Acknowledgement: Society respects and honors Pakistani Army soldiers for their dedication and sacrifice.

Army Education Corps

The following category includes education and educators. Women with M.Sc. degrees in Chemistry, Geography, and Management Sciences, as well as women with M.A. degrees in Economics, Pakistan Studies, and Islamic Studies, are eligible to apply for positions in the Pakistani military. After graduation, these female Pakistani army captains will join the Army Education Corps (Core).

Corps of Engineers

Those women who have completed a four-year engineering program in civil, architectural, and town planning, as well as those with higher qualifications in town planning, structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, soil engineering, transportation/highway engineering, architectural engineering, and geographic information systems, are eligible to serve as female engineers in the Pakistani military. These Pakistani female officers serve in the Corps of Engineers.

Corps of Signals

Women with a Bachelor of Engineering in Software, Information Technology, Information Security, or Telecommunications from a four-year program are also eligible. These female Pakistani army officers operate in the Corps of Signals.

Army Service Corps

Girls with bachelor’s degrees in Food Sciences and Nutrition (4-year program), MBA Finance, and MBA Supply Chain Management are also eligible to become commissioned officers in the Pakistani army. The Army Service Corps contains these programs.

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Corps of Ordnance and Army Service Corps

Also eligible are women with bachelor’s degrees in textile engineering (four-year program), MBA finance, and MBA supply chain management. These programs fall under the purview of the Corps of Ordnance. So that MBA women can enter two distinct corpses. The Army Service Corps and the Corps of Ordnance are the two branches.

Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers or EME Corps

Girls with a four-year degree in electrical, mechanical, computer hardware, mechatronics/avionics, or biomedical engineering can also join the Pak army. These inductions are made to include women in the Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, or EME Corps, of the Pakistani army.

Information and Computer Technology Officers ICTOS

Girls with a B.Sc./B.E. in Computer Systems, Computer Software, and Telecommunication can become Information and Computer Technology Officers (ICTOs) in the military.


Hence, there are a lot of jobs for females in the Pakistani army who are in various fields of study other than the medical field. All seven categories listed above comprise the Lady Cadet Course (LCC). Girls with two to three years of work experience are also eligible to enter the Pakistani army. Girls with a private MA or MS degree cannot join the Pakistani military. After six months of successful training at PMA, every female is promoted to the rank of captain.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How can a girl become a captain in the Pakistan Army?

    Girls can join the Pakistan Army as captains through this lady cadet course. Female, unmarried candidates with 16 years of education in the relevant categories can apply for the lady cadet course. Registration for the Pak Army Lady Cadet Course will start on June 19, and the last date to apply for the course is July 12.

  2. Can a girl become a captain? 

    There are over 11,244 captains currently employed in the United States. 34.6% of all captains are women, while 65.4% are men.

  3. Which army field is female in Pakistan?

    The Pakistan Army doesn’t allow women to join the infantry, artillery, and armored units; also, women who are commissioned in various branches are not allowed to serve more than ten years, except in the medical corps, where women can serve 30 to 35 years, e.g. Nigar Johar became a lieutenant general in 2020 after serving 35 years.

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