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Every Pakistani desires to enlist in the Pakistan Army. The Pakistan Army is among the world’s finest troops. They provide a venue for individuals seeking to put their love for adventure and excitement to the test in the real world.

It is an occupation that facilitates success and access to the highest echelons of authority, something that many of us can only aspire to. The Pakistan Army instills in its citizens not only an understanding of “the real and actual meaning of nationalism and patriotism,” but also an inclination toward it. Army officers are instructed and trained in the following:

  • Paramilitary Forces
  • National Guard
  • Janbaz Force
  • Mujahid Force
  • National Cadet Crops
  • Woman Guard
  • Frontier Corps
  • Rangers
  • Coast Guard

It is the most prestigious defense department in Pakistan, with stringent requirements for candidate selection. At the moment, an estimated workforce of 600,000 personnel is deployed. Thousands of individuals annually submit applications to join the Pakistan Army with the aspiration of serving their country as active combat troops. The Pakistan Army employs a two-pronged selection process for candidates. Officers are selected from a pool of approximately 600 candidates per window who undergo rigorous training for two years. Except for officer positions, the Pak Army is rife with vacancies.

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Pak Army Soldier Bharti

Students who have completed their Matric, FA, FSc, Masters, MBBS, BSc, and MBA degrees but are unsure of the procedure to enlist in the Pakistan Army can obtain all the necessary information at this location. The following is comprehensive information on how to enlist in the Pakistan Army.

  • Soldier: Eligible with 60% (Second Division) in their intermediate studies; those with 60% or fewer in their intermediate studies are also eligible with 60% in their graduation studies.
  • Captain: Qualified candidates must hold a Master’s degree with a minimum 2.5 GPA or earn 60% in the annual system.
  • Doctor: Possess an MBBS from a private or public medical school; however, registration with the PMC and subsequent completion of the GDMO course are prerequisites. You may choose to serve as Capt. Doctor in any CMH following clearance.
  • Corps of Engineers: A minimum of 65% in the following subjects are required for the Corps of Engineers: FSc Pre-Engineering: Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science/Studies, and Mathematics A second alternative is to earn an O-Level pass (required subjects include mathematics, computer science/studies, physics, chemistry, and English).
  • Corps of Signals: The Corps of Signals requires a four-year engineering degree in the MSc or MCS track, with registration from the PEC/HEC preferred; MSc/MS degree holders will be given preference.
  • Army Services Corps (ASC): To attain the status of ASC in the Pakistani army, one must possess an intermediate degree or diploma in a relevant subject.
  • Corps of Electrical: A four-year electrical engineering degree is required.
  • Mechanical Engineers: A four-year mechanical engineering degree is required.
  • Army Education Corps: A candidate desiring the rank of AEC in the Army is required to possess a B.A. or B.Sc.
  • Public Relations Officer (PRO): An Army candidate aspiring to attain the rank of PRO is required to possess a Master’s degree in defense studies.
  • Clerk: The Army requires candidates to possess an intermediate degree to be considered for the position of clerk.
  • Civil Driver: A metric degree is a prerequisite for candidates seeking employment as civil drivers in the Pakistan Army.
  • Sweeper (Sanitary Worker): To be considered for the position of sanitary laborer in the Army, an applicant must possess a matriculation degree.
  • Cook: A minimum of a middle school education is required to be considered for the chef position in the Pakistani army.
  • Fireman: An intermediate degree is required to be considered for the fireman position in the Pakistani army.
  • Draft Man: A Matriculation Degree is a prerequisite for attaining the rank of Draft Man in the United States Army.
  • Telephone Supervisor: In the Army, a candidate for the position of Telephone Supervisor is required to possess a Matric Degree.
  • Sanatory Worker: An individual aspiring to attain the rank of sanitary worker in the Army is required to have completed primary education.
  • ISI: Applicants are ineligible to join ISI following completion of matriculation. To be considered for positions in intelligence units or naval intelligence, one must possess a degree in intelligence. Succession-based selection will determine whether or not he or she can join ISI.

Who might apply? All Pakistanis are eligible for induction, irrespective of creed, religion, region, or caste.

Benefits of Pak Army Soldier

  • Employment Security: The Pakistan Army offers a stable employment schedule and a consistent income, thereby providing a secure career path.
  • Competitive Compensation and Perquisites: In addition to competitive salaries, soldiers are granted a range of benefits, which encompass housing, medical, and educational allowances for both themselves and their families.
  • Curriculum and Skill Enhancement: The Army provides comprehensive training programs that furnish personnel with a wide array of competencies, such as leadership skills, combat readiness, and role-specific specialized training.
  • Health Care Advantages: Soldiers and their families are provided with comprehensive healthcare coverage, which guarantees them access to medical facilities and treatments.
  • Benefits from pensions and retirement: Pension benefits and retirement plans are accessible to soldiers, assuring their financial security after service.
  • Provisions or Housing Allowances: Housing facilities or allowances are provided to personnel by the Army, contingent upon their posting and availability.
  • Advancement Opportunities in the Workplace: Promotions granted by the Army by qualifications, performance, and commitment provide avenues for professional development and progression.
  • Efforts in Support of National Service: Enlisting in the Pakistan Army provides individuals with the opportunity to make substantial contributions to the nation’s security and service.
  • Cooperation and Friendliness in the Team: The collaborative setting in which soldiers operate fosters strong connections and camaraderie among their comrades.
  • Honor and Pride: Participating in the Pakistan Army in defense of the nation’s interests instills a sense of pride, honor, and satisfaction.


You may enlist in the Pakistan Army following your matriculation. The age range for Army enlistment following the matriculation examination is 17 to 35 years. After completing their matriculation, applicants for the Pakistan Army must be a minimum of 5 feet, 3 inches tall. A candidate below the matriculation threshold is ineligible for enlistment in the Pakistani army. Post-matriculation candidates who wish to enlist in the Pakistan Army must meet the following requirements for army jobs:

  • Non-Commissioned Offices
  • Junior Commissioned Officers
  • Civilian Jobs


It is possible to matriculate into the Army. Commission-eligible officers are referred to as non-commission officers. These officers attain elevated ranks through promotion. The following is a list of noncommissioned officers who are eligible to enlist in the Pakistan Army after completing their matriculation:

  • Sepoy: Sepoy is the Sipahi who matriculates with a salary between 35,000 and 120,000 and can enlist as soldiers in the Pakistan Army. A soldier position is currently vacant in the Pakistani army.
  • Lance Naik: Candidates who pass the matriculation examination and aspire to attain the rank of corporal lance in the Pakistani army are eligible to enlist as Lance Naiks.
  • Naik: Naik is the equivalent of the corporal, who is also referred to as the governor.
  • Havildar: The third-highest rank is havildar, and a naik who is in charge of ten soldiers is in charge of him.
  • Battalion Quartermaster Havildar: The company havildar is promoted to battalion quartermaster havildar upon completion of the required instruction.


The cohort of military personnel designated as junior commissioned officers (JCO) is superior to that of non-commissioned officers. The subsequent matriculation requirements for subordinate commissioned officers to enlist in the Pakistan Army are as follows:

  • Naib Risaldar/Naib Subedar serves as the platoon commander.
  • Subedar/Risaldar: He assumes the role of platoon commander within the infantry company, succeeding lieutenants.
  • Major Subedar/Major Risaldar: He serves as the commander of the company or captain.


Those with a matriculation certificate but no talents are eligible to apply for civilian positions in the Army. These positions apply to various departments. The following are examples of civilian occupations that members of the Pakistani army may pursue after completing their matriculation:

  • Plumber: Plumbers are tasked with the responsibility of repairing and installing gas or water conduits. For plumbing excellence, a matriculation degree is the only prerequisite. Before matriculation, the aspirant may enlist in the Pakistan Army as a plumber; however, plumbing expertise is required.
  • Cook: in charge of the preparation of meals. Cooking positions in the Pakistani Army do not require exceptional qualifications. The candidate is eligible to enlist in the Pakistani army as a cook after the midterm, but to do so, one must possess exceptional culinary skills.
  • Draft Man: He is responsible for the blueprinting of structures and machinery. He must have considerable drawing ability. A candidate may enlist in the Pakistan Army as a draft man after completing their matriculation.
  • Technician: Technicians are tasked with resolving electrical problems. The technician is not required to possess advanced degrees; however, he must be proficient in resolving technical problems. A candidate may enlist in the Pakistan Army as a technician following the completion of their matriculation.
  • Telephone Supervisor: The telephonic operations are under the purview of the telephone supervisor. For the position of telephone supervisor in the Pakistan Army, a bachelor’s degree is not mandatory. Candidates must have knowledge of telephone operations as well as loyalty and confidence. Upon completion of their matriculation, candidates are eligible to enlist in the Pakistan Army as telephone supervisors.
  • Sanitary: Accountable for the operation, maintenance, cleansing, and emptying of the sanitary chain or handle washing sector. As a Sanitary In Charge, a candidate with a primary education may enlist in the Pakistani army.


A significant number of individuals aspire to enlist in the Pakistan Army after completing intermediate school. Although the candidates have the option to pursue alternative career paths, their patriotism compels them to enlist in the Pakistani army, following the intermediate level.

The Pakistan Army is regarded as the most formidable military force on a global scale. Individuals who are devoted to their nation and have a deep affection for Pakistan are the ones who opt to pursue a career in the Pakistan Army. They render their services in exchange for the protection and well-being of their nation.

After completing their intermediate education, the youth of our nation can pursue a career in the Pakistan Army, which provides them with numerous opportunities to showcase their abilities in a variety of disciplines and to satisfy their passions. Different positions are available for those who complete different courses and enlist in the Pakistan Army after completing intermediate school.

  • Technical Cadet Course
  • PMA Long Course
  • Army Medical Cadet MBBS/BDS
  • Armed Forces Nursing Service (AFNS Females)
  • Army Soldiers
  • Second Lieutenant


The pupil must be between the ages of seventeen and twenty-two and unmarried. A passing score of 65 percent on the ICS or FSc pre-engineering examination is required. ‘A’ grade O-level pass holders are also eligible for this.

Candidates desiring to enroll in the Pak Army as technical cadets following the intermediate level should be required to complete PMA basic training. This training in Kakul will last for an entire year. Additionally, each pupil will receive a monthly stipend between $30,000 and $35,000. They would be regarded as second-in-command.

The chosen candidates are obligated to affix their signatures to the bond, which stipulates their 13 years of service in the Pakistan Army. Those without the second-year result card may enlist in the Pakistan Army based on the hope certificate and the first-year result card.

Selected candidates are admitted to NUST’s civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and electronic engineering programs, among others. They can become captains after completing the four-year program at the Army’s expense and receiving one year of military instruction.


The minimum age requirement for this position is 17 years and 22 years old, and the required level of education is an intermediate diploma or its equivalent. The appropriate marital status is unmarried.

To enlist as a captain, general, or major in the Pakistan Army following intermediate education, an individual must complete a two-year military training program at PMA Kakul. In addition, each pupil will receive a monthly stipend ranging from $45,000 to $50,000.


To qualify for medical cadet admission into the Pakistan Army following completion of intermediate education, an individual must be between the ages of 17 and 21 and unmarried. The minimum requirement for admission is a FSC (pre-medical) with 70 percent or an ‘A’ level in biology with a minimum of a C grade.

Cadets who wish to enlist in the Pakistan Army as medical cadets and professionals upon completing their intermediate education would be required to attend PMA in Kakul for six months of basic military training. As the student advances in their studies, their monthly stipend will also increase.

Candidates must have passed a provincial entrance examination, including MDCAT, NUMS, and others. Upon completion of the necessary education and training, they are qualified to become commander doctors. They are required to sign the pledge stipulating thirteen years of military service.


Specific criteria apply to the enlistment of women into the Pakistan Army; they must be between the ages of 17 and 25. They hold a matriculation certificate with a 60% average and an intermediate diploma in pre-medical with a 50% average.

Females who wish to enter the Pakistan Army as nursing coaches after completing intermediate school would be required to complete four years of BS programs. The venues for these events are CMH Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi, and Quetta.

Students who have completed four years of formal education or registered nurses who have applied and completed the six-week training program will be promoted to lieutenant status and receive a monthly stipend. They are required to affix their signature to the bond, which stipulates their ten years of service to the Pakistan Army.

Those without the second-year result card may enlist in the Pakistan Army based on the hope certificate and the first-year result card. Students with a Matric pass may also apply for this position.


Those pupils who wish to enlist in the Pakistan Army as soldiers following the intermediate level must be between the ages of 17 and 23. They are required to possess an unattached marital status and a matriculation or intermediate level of education.

Students desiring to enlist as soldiers in the Pakistan Army would be obligated to complete a minimum of one year of training. In addition, they will receive a monthly stipend from the government and be required to compensate for their military service as cadets or soldiers.


To become a second lieutenant in the Pakistan Army, a student must complete the PMA’s extensive curriculum. The Pakistan Army would provide students with an excellent opportunity to enlist after completing intermediate school or graduating between the ages of 17 and 25.


Enlisting in the Pakistan Army after completing their education is the highest aspiration of all Pakistani graduates. The following are the positions for which candidates are eligible to apply following their graduation:

  • Direct Captain (Males)
  • Commissioned Officer
  • Lady Cadet Course (Females)
  • Army Medical Corps as M Cadets
  • Captain/Major through Short Service Regular Commission (SSRC)


Students may enlist in the Pakistan Army as direct captains no later than the age of 28 following graduation. A six-month training period is required at PMA Kakul. Army education divisions are open to candidates who hold degrees in the following disciplines: chemistry, computer science, mathematics, English, Urdu, Islamiyah, and history.

Individuals who earn a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering are eligible to join the Corps of Ordinance. One can pursue a career in psychology with a comprehensive psychology degree. Based on the DVM, they may also appoint officers of the Corps of Remount Veterinary and Farms.


The ISSB will evaluate the candidates, and GHQ will make the final decision. A year of training is required for the pupils to attain the rank of commissioned officer.


Additionally, women can aspire to become direct commanders of the Pakistan Army, contingent upon their level of education. Officers of the Corps of Signals, Services, Ordinance, Corps of Education and Mechanical Services, Army Educational Corps, Remount Veterinary and Farms, Public Relations, and Direct Short Service Commission as psychologists are the categories.


Applicants for this position must hold an MBBS degree from a PMC-recognized medical institution or be in their fourth or final year of study. GHQ will conduct final selections, intelligence gathering, interviews, and examinations following the completion of the MBBS.


Students with a completed MBBS or BDS specialization are eligible to apply for this position. General duty medical officer, major specialist, sub-specialist (medicine or allied) as major, sub-specialist (surgical or allied) as major, general duty dental officers, classified specialists, and Pakistan temporary commission captain are the classifications applicable to this position.


We sincerely hope that our article on how to join the Pakistan Army will be of interest to you. We make every effort to provide you with comprehensive and exhaustive information about the Pakistan Army.

However, should you encounter any challenges about the process of joining, please do not hesitate to inquire in the remarks section. Your inquiries are consistently addressed with the utmost urgency by our team. Additionally, feel free to provide insightful feedback in the comments section and spread the article among your social circles.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are the requirements for soldiers in the Pakistani Army?

    Educational qualifications require a minimum of 55% marks in Intermediate or equivalent, with higher education garnering more age relaxation. Citizens of Pakistan, along with domicile holders of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, are eligible to apply.

  2. Can I join the Army after Matric? 

    The age limit has been set at between 17 and 23. The candidates must have at least 60% marks in English, Science, and Arts subjects to apply for the Pakistan Army. For AFNS, the applicant must have at least 60% marks in Matric (biology) or 50% marks in F.Sc. Pre-Medical.

  3. What is the minimum height for the Pakistan Army?

    (2). Education in 8th grade instead of matriculation in all arms and services except technician, nursing assistant, and Corps of Military Police (CMP). Height 5-4 instead of 5-6 and chest 74-79 instead of 78-83 cm, except in trade in which height and chest are required more than 5-6 and 78-83 cm. Age 26 years instead of 23 years.

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