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The Technical Cadet Course (TCC) is the Pakistan Army’s induction program for engineers. Numerous students desiring to pursue an artistic endeavor in science and technology enroll in engineering programs. In Pakistan, where individuals aspire to enlist in the Pak Army, a course exists wherein pupils can become acquainted with the engineering corps as commissioned officers.

This article will provide comprehensive information regarding the procedures, prerequisites, and selection process for becoming an engineer in the Pakistan Army via the Technical Cadet Course.

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Benefits of Technical Cadet Course

  • Specialized Instruction: Specialized education and training in technical domains such as engineering, telecommunications, information technology, and other relevant disciplines are offered by TCC.
  • Enlistment in the Army: A commission as an officer in the Pakistan Army’s Corps of Engineers, Signals, or other technical branches is awarded to those who complete the TCC. This enables individuals to contribute to their country in a technical capacity.
  • Leadership Formation: By emphasizing the development of discipline, leadership qualities, and a strong work ethic, this course prepares students for leadership positions in the armed forces.
  • Professional Development: The TCC facilitates professional development and progression within the Pakistan Army, offering individuals with an interest in technical positions a structured career trajectory.
  • Practical Experience: By gaining practical, hands-on experience in technical fields, the training enables participants to implement their acquired knowledge in real-life scenarios.
  • Employment Security: Employing through TCC to enlist in the armed forces provides stability and job security, in addition to competitive pay, benefits, and allowances.
  • One’s Personal Development: Personal development is fostered through the TCC’s rigorous training and exposure to military life; qualities such as resiliency, cooperation, and adaptability are developed.
  • Networking in a Professional Setting: Applicants are allowed to cultivate a professional network within the armed forces, which may prove advantageous in terms of personal growth and future employment prospects.
  • Enhancement of National Security: By utilizing their technical knowledge and skills, individuals can make a direct contribution to the defense and security of the nation while serving in technical capacities with the Pakistan Army.
  • Educational Prospects: The TCC potentially provides opportunities for advanced study and specialized training in technical domains both during and after military service.


The following is the minimum educational requirement to enlist in the Pakistan Army via the Technical Cadet Course:

  • The candidate must hold an FSc (Pre-Engineering) degree with the following prerequisites: (1) Physics, (2) Mathematics, and (3) Chemistry/Computer Science. From Option (3), select any subject.
  • Additionally, only candidates who have completed ICS in computer science are eligible to apply for the software engineering position. A minimum score of 65% is required.
  • To enlist in the Pakistan Army, pupils who have completed A- or O-level examinations must obtain a certificate from the Inter Board Committee of the Chairman (IBCC).
  • Individuals who have completed Part I of the FSc and are awaiting the outcome of Part II, or who are required to sit for the Part II examinations, are also eligible to apply for engineering positions in the Pak Army. Obtaining the HOPE certificate from the Head of Institute (HOD) is all that is required.
  • Males only are eligible to enroll in the Pakistan Army via the Technical Cadet Course. No seats are available for women.


The Pak Army management has established the criteria for choosing students to do so. Students who meet this particular criterion alone will be granted admission to the Pakistan Army. The following are the eligibility requirements for becoming an engineer via the Technical Cadet Course:

  • The learner is required to possess Pakistani nationality. Additionally eligible are residents of Gilgit, Baluchistan, and Azad Kashmir. Individuals holding dual nationalities are required to relinquish their non-Pakistani nationalities to enlist in the Pakistan Army.
  • For this position, only unmarried males are eligible to apply.
  • The candidate must possess an FSc Pre-Engineering degree with a minimum of 65 percent and be required to take English, mathematics, and physics.
  • Students who have passed the ICS are also restricted to software engineering positions.
  • To enlist in the Pak Army, students who have completed A- or O-level examinations must obtain a certificate from the Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC).
  • Individuals who have completed Part I of the FSc and are awaiting the outcome of Part II, or who are required to sit for the Part II examinations, are also eligible to apply for engineering positions in the Pak Army. Obtaining the HOPE certificate from the Head of Institute (HOD) is all that is required.
  • The age restriction for candidates is from a minimum of 17 years to a maximum of 21 years.
  • The candidate must be 5’4″ in height.
  • The weight should correspond with the biological mass.


To ensure the integrity and simplicity of the selection process, the Army administration has established the requirements for individuals who are deemed ineligible to enlist in the Pakistan Army. The individuals who are ineligible to enlist in the Pakistani army are as follows:

  • A candidate who has been rejected twice by the ISSB is ineligible to reapply for the Pakistan Army.
  • A candidate whom the Appeal Medical Board has deemed medically unfit is ineligible to register for the Pakistan Army.
  • The candidate who, as determined by the court, has a prior history of engaging in any form of objectionable, unofficial, or illegal activity
  • A candidate who has been expelled from any sector of the government is ineligible to register for the Pakistan Army.
  • Course for Lady Cadets


To ascertain the candidate, the Pak Army’s management has established several procedures. Successful completion of each stage of the selection procedure is a prerequisite for candidate selection. The following constitutes the selection procedure for the Technical Cadet Course to Join the Pak Army:

  • Written Tests
  • Physical Tests
  • Preliminary medical tests
  • ISSB
  • Academic Training
  • Military Training


The written examination will consist of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) covering the following subjects: physics, English, mathematics, chemistry, and computer science (applicable only to ICS students). The students will also administer intelligence exams consisting of both verbal and non-verbal inquiries. Successful candidates are required to report to the AS&RC centers in their vicinity for their physical examinations.


The candidate should possess the capability to

  • Perform 15 sit-up repetitions within 2 minutes.
  • Complete a distance of 1.6 kilometers in 8.5 minutes.
  • Perform 15 push-up repetitions within 2 minutes.
  • Through a ravine measuring 7’4″ in width and height, with a depth of 4′.
  • Perform three chin-up repetitions in two minutes.


For the candidate to enroll in the Pak Army Technical Cadet Course, they must first pass an initial medical examination administered by the nearest AS&RC.


  • Those shortlisted candidates who are ultimately selected will receive ISSB test call letters via websites from the administration of the Pakistan Army.
  • Candidates who have completed the ISSB exams are required to pass a medical examination at the nearest CMH.
  • The final pupil selection will be determined by the GHQ according to their cumulative academic performance.


Through the Technical Cadet Course, students who have earned admission based on their intermediate performance can pursue additional academic training in a variety of engineering disciplines. The following is an inventory of the engineering disciplines:

Degree NameInstitutionDuration (Year)
Civil EngineeringMilitary College of Engineering Risalpur (NUST)4
Electrical (Telecommunication) EngineeringMilitary College of Signals Rawalpindi (NUST)4
Computer software engineeringMilitary College of Signals Rawalpindi (NUST)4
Electrical EngineeringCollege of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Rawalpindi (NUST)4
Mechanical EngineeringCollege of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Rawalpindi (NUST)4
Computer Systems EngineeringCollege of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Rawalpindi (NUST)4
Mechatronics EngineeringCollege of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Rawalpindi (NUST)4
Aeronautical EngineeringCollege of Aeronautical Engineering, Risalpur (NUST)4


Candidates who earn a relevant Bachelor of Engineering degree after completing a four-year program will receive military training. The duration of this training will be one year. This training is of the utmost importance to refine the students’ interior abilities and qualify them to become engineers in the Pakistan Army via the Technical Cadet Course. The location of this training is PMA Kakul. Through the Technical Cadet Course, candidates will acquire the skills necessary to become engineers during this program.


After getting the appropriate training from the trainers, the students will become Army engineers in relevant fields.


To facilitate the application process for students, the administration of the Pak Army permits both online and offline applications. Many students have the willingness but not enough internet resources or information to enroll. The following are the specifics:

  • Candidates may submit their applications online or register with AS &RC. To register online, please click here.
  • All information regarding the examination, including test dates, charge structure, and timetable, will be accessible via the Internet and the candidate’s email account.
  • Even if you do not have internet access, you may still submit your application online. You must visit the closest army selection (AS) center or recruitment center (RC) to accomplish this. You are required to bring the following to the RC&AS: all previous educational documents, a CNIC (or the CNIC of your parent or guardian if you are under the age of 18), a B-form, your birth certificate, and six colored photographs attested by a Gazette Officer. Repeaters are also required to bring three copies and the original ISSB Not Recommended letter.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is a technical cadet course in the army?

    In the Pakistan Army, TCC means Technical Cadet Course, in which students who have done an FSc in pre-engineering with 65% marks can apply. Also, students who have done A-Level with O-Level, including five subjects, can apply but with an equivalency certificate of FSc.

  2. What is PMA in the Army? 

    Pakistan Military Academy, also known by its acronym PMA, is an officer training center located near Kakol village in the city and district of Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Established in October 1947, it is the sole service academy in Pakistan tasked with training cadets to serve as army officers.

  3. How do I join the Pak Army as a software engineer? 

    You can join the Pakistan Army via the Short Service Commission after completing your BS Software Engineering degree. You will join the Corps of Signals.

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