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The registration process is expected Preliminary Examinations. Initial assessments begin when the registration deadline expires (except on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).

Benefits of Initial Selection Process for 153 PMA Long Course

  • Military Training Superiority: PMA is renowned for providing its cadets with superior military instruction. It prepares them for leadership positions within the armed forces and provides them with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively serve their country.
  • Management Development: The PMA emphasizes leadership development, instilling qualities such as discipline, honesty, and bravery in its recruits. Graduates are adequately prepared for leadership positions in the Pakistan Army.
  • Physical Condition: At the PMA, cadets undergo rigorous physical training, which aids in the development of superior physical fitness and endurance. This is essential for military service, which frequently involves strenuous physical demands.
  • Character Development: PMA places a significant emphasis on character formation. Cadets are instructed in the fundamental military values of honor, duty, and altruistic service.
  • Academic Achievement: In addition to military training, the PMA also provides academic courses that provide cadets with a well-rounded education. This includes subjects like military strategy, tactics, and other relevant areas of study.
  • The value of camaraderie: At PMA, cadets cultivate strong bonds of camaraderie and cooperation. In the military, this sense of unity and shared purpose is a valuable asset.
  • National Responsibility: PMA graduates serve their country in a variety of capacities within the Pakistan Army. They play a vital role in assuring Pakistan’s security and defense.
  • Profession Advancement: Graduating from PMA offers numerous career opportunities within the armed forces. Cadets can aspire to advance through the ranks and assume leadership positions of significance.
  • Reputation International: The PMA’s military training programs have earned an international reputation. This can enhance Pakistan’s reputation in the international community and facilitate cooperation with other countries.
  • Participation in Peacekeeping: Pakistan has a long history of participation in United Nations peacekeeping missions, and PMA-trained officers frequently contribute to these endeavors. This contributes to global stability and harmony.
  • National Honor: PMA is a source of national pride in Pakistan, and its alumni are frequently celebrated as champions and role models for young people.


TCC candidates who register for the PMA Long Course and have undergone ISSB will also be considered repeater candidates, regardless of the outcome. Repeat applicants must report to their respective Army Selection and Recruitment Centers (AS&RCs) for the preliminary examination on the dates specified in the advertisement.

Preliminary Selection

The Personnel Administration Directorate is developing a module for module-based selection for the Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB), which will be implemented. The following will be included in the initial examination, with corresponding weights designated in the module:

  • Intelligence Test and academic test
  • Medical Examination
  • Physical Test
  • Interview by a preliminary selection board led by the Selection and Recruitment Officer (S&RO)
  • Written/Intelligence Tests The written and intelligence examinations will consist of multiple-choice questions about English, mathematics, Pakistani studies, Islam, and general knowledge.

At Army Selection and Recruitment Centers (AS&RCs), candidates who pass written or intelligence tests will undergo physical or medical exams and interviews.

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Physical Tests

The following standards have been established for all candidates:

  • ► 1.6 km run: 8 minutes (3 marks)
  • ► Pull-ups: 3 repetitions in 2 minutes (2 marks)
  • ► Push-ups: 15 repetitions in 2 minutes (2 marks)
  • ► Crunches: 20 repetitions in 2 minutes (2 marks)
  • ► Ditch Crossing: 7.4 feet (1 mark)

It is required for each candidate to pass all events listed in the schedule above. A candidate who fails in any one-time event will be deemed to have failed the physical test (PT) and will not receive an Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) form. Also, see All About the Initial Pak Army Physical Examination.

Initial Interview

S&ROs and psychologists (instead of the formation’s Brigs) will interview candidates who pass the written, medical, and physical tests. Each candidate will be required to prepare a 10-line essay in English and Urdu before the interview. Before an interview, candidates will receive plain paper for their English and Urdu essays.

The topic of the day will be displayed on the board in the exam room or hall. S&RO will create a list of recommendations for every candidate attending the interview. Each candidate will receive a score out of twenty. A candidate who receives fewer than 12 points will be deemed unsuccessful and will not be given an Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) form.

The following guidelines are provided for the interview’s conduct:

  • Confidence and Expression in English and Urdu
  • Sufficient knowledge of current events
  • Adequate understanding of Geo and Pak studies.
  • Overall perspective.
  • Extracurricular activities consist of sports and personal interests.
  • Any other factor that the panel deems relevant
  • All AS&RCs must ensure that every candidate’s interview is recorded via CCTV and share the recordings on CDs with the PA DTE every week.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the selection procedure for the PMA long course?

    Written and intelligence tests will be based on multiple-choice questions from English, math, Pakistani studies, Islam, and general knowledge. The candidates declared successful in written and intelligence tests will undergo physical and medical tests and interviews at Army Selection and Recruitment Centers (AS&RCs).

  2. How do you get selected in PMA?

    Minimum 55% marks in FA/FSc and equivalent Candidates who secure 60% mks or above in BA/BSc/BA/BSc-(Hons) and BBA/BPA, with 50% mks in FA/FSc, are eligible for the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Long Course. Serving Army soldiers. 50% marks in FA/FSc or equivalent.

  3. Who is eligible for PMA Long Course 153?

    Minimum 60% marks in FA/FSc and equivalent Candidates who secure 60% marks or above in BA/BSc, BA/BSc (Hons), and BBA/ BPA with 50% marks in FA/FSc are eligible for the PMA Long Course. Relaxation of Marks: FA or FSc: 55% marks for candidates from specified areas with domicile.

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